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About us 

We are a couple who have been together for over 20 years and have been Witches for much longer.
We have been single practitioners, a Watchman, a Summoner, a High Priest and a High Priestess and have started a coven, been in a coven and been a part of a hive. We moved here 8 years ago and we wished to celebrate the high holidays and commune with those like us. We decided to start this coven because we met many who felt alone and we wanted to create a place of safety, power and much more. The Coven on the Hill is a place where those drawn to the craft can grow, worship, commune, learn and practice. We would like to one day relinquish the coven to the next generation so many more have a home where future witches can practice their craft in perfect love and perfect trust. 

We have a diverse group of witches, male and female, LGBT, all colors, creeds are accepted. All are judged on the content of their character and nothing other. If you are under legal age you must have a parent in the coven. We are bound to honor, truth, charity, generosity and love, as merry we meet and merry we part. In perfect love and perfect trust these are big responsibilities to trust another perfectly as we Witches do. But it is good to have a place to find this and grow.

We wish this to be a place to learn and teach and bring the multitude of our special individual gifts to a collective. We want all to share knowledge and life experience, learning from the newest to the oldest and becoming a melting cauldron of idea, faith and power and support, practicing our craft, as is our right, for the liberty of freedom of religion means all religions, even the oldest one.

We want everyone to contribute from how we cast our circle to the structure of the coven. The coven was established in 2015. We envisioned filling “the 13” holding positions in the coven and sages and crones as a council of elders with many initiate Witches and more, a place for all. But that is our vision and we want this coven molded by many not by a few, a fusion if you will. 

We want to have a place to celebrate the high holidays with feast, family, circle and tradition, while making our own traditions. We have almost 20 acres so who knows where this could go. This is what we hope to do, but we can not do it alone. If you feel drawn to this please contact us. In the beginning, we started small in number but we are growing. May the blessings of  the Goddesses and Gods be with us and you.

Blessed be,

Karen and Brock