Witches are not satanists. Satan is a christian belief and as we are not christian we do not even believe in in the existence of Satan.
Witches Do not sacrifice animals in fact most are very big animal lovers.
Witches do not boil babies.
Witches do not ride brooms.
Witches do not recruit. We believe new witches are drawn to our craft of their own accord, more so that the craft draws them to it as opposed to them being drawn to the craft.
Witches do not curse or cast evil on others we believe that what ever we put out will come back to us. Most will not cast without permission on anyone.
Witches are not only women. Men are also witches and they are not warlocks. Warlock means a person who was an oath breaker or a liar. We believe when a person lies a piece of the world dies.
Witches are not all gypsies or green-eyed or all wear goth black styles, We are very diverse in fashion and belief and yet we can all work together.
All Witches are not a part of a coven. Some are single practitioners.
Witches are not pacifists we have no tenet telling us to turn the other cheek: however most will never act without being provoked.


Witches are healers. We were the first doctors and pharmacists as alchemist and herbalists many witches offer earth bound remedies that people use today. Some old witch remedies are prescribed by today's doctors everyday.
Witches are spiritual people, caring and good members of a community. They raise families and children just like everyone else. They are working, tax paying members of society and you more than likely know one, you just don't know that they are a witch.
Witches are very honest people; however, sometimes the truth can make people very unhappy.
Witches help people with all types of spiritual matters and many other life problems including those dealing with loved ones passed and present. No need to fear witches or worry about them in your community. They are quite helpful.

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